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Qualey Farm Loretta Lynn

Buckskin, Frosted Ears & Nose, Moonspot

Sold on a Doe Kid Back Deal

DOB: 02/17/2012        Blue eyes                                                                            Horns: Disbudded with scurs                                                                                        Number of Kids Born: 3                                                                                   Registered: ADGA # PD15847

Sire: Camanna CC Keepin' Tempo

SS: Camanna CS Concerto                                                                                              -TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo                                                                                          -Sugar-Pine SL Moonlight Molly

SD: Camanna CT Jocelyn                                                                                                -Tahoma Citation                                                                                                             -OTR Juiper's Guinevere

Dam: Camanna TD Hallelujah Blue

DS: Deer Run Tuxedo                                                                                                      -New Hope Farms Zachary Taylor                                                                                     -Mountain Quest Snow Dancer

DD: GCH Domingo Dakota Wind 1*M                                                                                 -Mountain Quest Outlaw                                                                                                    -Domingo Carmeleta Tahoka

So far Lorretta is looking to be very long & lean; very dairy.  She also has a nice uphill stance.  I am so sad to be offering her for sale, she's sweet and has an amazing pedigree.  She should be wonderful for show or milk.  Her personality is very sweet.