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Nigerian Dwarf Kids                    Updated: 04/19/2012


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Qualey Farm Loretta Lynn  Retained


 Camanna CC Keepin' Tempo + Camanna TD Hallelujah Blue

Triplets: 1 doeling & 2 bucklings

Born: 02/17/12C


Qualey Farm Lou   *SoldThanks Amy 


Qualey Farm Harvey Blue Eyes *Sold-Thanks Rebecca


Qualey Farm Estelle *Sold- Thanks Jill

Qualey Farm Sadie  *Sold- Thanks Gina & Family

 Camanna CC Keepin' Tempo + Poppy Patch Blonde Bomshell

Quads; 3 doelings & 1 buckling

Born: 02/13/12C

 Qualey Farm Edmund *Sold-Thanks Amy

Qualey Farm Ada *Sold- Thanks Gina & Family

Qualey Farm Elsie  *Sold- Thanks Miranda at  Gladdie Acres

*2nd Place in Jr. Kids Class 2011

 Camanna CC Keepin' Tempo + Poppy Patch Blonde Bomshell

Twin doe & buck, Born June 22, 2011B

Qualey Farm Tundra *Sold-Thanks Courtney & Family


 Qualey Farm Davy *Sold Thanks Margaret 

Camanna CC Keepin' Tempo + Poppy Patch Blonde Bomshell  

Twin doe & buck, Born Nov. 11, 2010A

    Qualey Farm Elle  *Sold Thanks Linda

*Reserve Grand Champion 2011


Triplet doelings, one didn't make it.  Born April 3, 2010.  One blue eyed, one with a moospot. *Sold*



Single doeling born Nov. 2009.  Buckskin with moonspots, and white on sides.  *Sold Thanks Linda*