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Sale Barn                               Updated: 3/08/14

_Goats Nigerian Dwarf______________________ 
*All does are Sold* 
Tempo - Out on lease
Herd Sire for sale.  I'll hate to see Tempo go, he's such an easy keeper, he produces beautiful/ correct kids and he is very flashy.  Feel free to email me with any questions. You can see Tempo & all his info. on the ND Buck page or visit Camanna.com to see his Dam and Sire.
*4-H:  $25 discount with proof of membership.  Also, in some cases I'll offer a multiple purchase discount.

For deposits I accept money orders, checks or PayPal.  If paid through PayPal please include the 3% that PayPal charges.  I charge $30 for retured checks.

I'm a varified member of PayPal.  Please send your payment to: janelle.q@hotmail.com

Khaki Campbell Ducklings
None at This Time
1-3; $5 each
4-8; $4.75 each
9+; $4.50 each


 Silkie chicks- 3 white $5 each

If anyone would like me to hatch some eggs just let me know 

I charge $1 a chick ( $25 max. charge) or will barter for some of the chicks.  My incubator holds 42 eggs. 


_Goat Milk____________________________ 

**I am not licensed to sell goat milk for human consumption**

If you'd like to buy goat milk for making crafts such as soap, I often have extra.  Just email me and I'll let you know what I have.  Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is so creamy it's wonderful for making soaps!  Also, I ask that you provide some sort of container to take it home in unless you don't mind it frozen in a freezer bag.

None available at this time 

1/4 Gallon- $3

1/2 Gallon- $5

1 Gallon- $7







Available Soon!




$3.00 a Dozen





*None available at this time*