Qualey Farm

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 Hoof Trim:

1-3 Goats - $15 per goat

4-6 Goats - $12.50 per goat

7+ Goats - $11 per goat 

A kids first trim (between 6 & 8 weeks old) - $5 per kid

$30 minimum for farm calls

*I'm experienced with hoof rot* 


I offer SafeGuard liquid wormer and Ivermectin.  I'll worm your goat while I'm there, and if using SafeGaurd I'll leave you with a second dose to give 3-4 weeks after the first dose if needed.  I always suggest to take a fecal sample to the vet to determine what type of parasites are present, and to what degree.

$4 per goat



I can band your bucklings that you want to be wethers (neutered males).  The age to do this is 7-8 weeks.  If a kid is especially uncomfortable when banded, I suggest giving an oral dose of Banamine to ease his pain.

$4 per buckling



 Traveling Charge:  If you live within 10 miles of me there's no charge.  I'm located in Buckley, WA.  Beyond 10 miles will include fuel and drive time fee.


_Buck Service____________ 


My buck will be offered out on lease to approved farms from time to time.  If you're interested just email me and we can go over the details as every situation is different.

Your doe(s) must be in good overall health and up to date on vac., worming & hoof trimming.  Also, you'll need to bring me a copy of the results testing for C.A.E., John's, CL and Brucella for your herd. 

To get your animals tested I suggest going through biotracking.com.  They will walk you through the process, send you the kit with the vacum tubes for a nominal charge, and their website has great pictures to show you how to do it.  The cost is very minimal.