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All Natural Goat Milk Soap


*Lavender Goat Milk Soap *

Finally, I got the opportunity to make soap!  I tend to procrastinate if I don't get a chance to learn hands on.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, everything went really smooth and I now feel confident to go off and make lots of soap!  We even made goat milk soap which is what I was mainly interested in.  I can't wait to start creating my own varieties.  I've already started collecting/drying some things out of my garden like Calendula petals and Lavender.  My biggest challenge will be creating soap for my oldest daughter who has very sensitive skin.

  So starting in just a few weeks I'll have some soap to share.  They'll rage from $3-$4 a bar, depending on size and ingredients.  As always, there will be discounts for buying in bulk.

Thanks Britt!

This is also the Lavender Goat Milk Bar but I used my favorite soap mold.  Also, I rubbed a little cinnamon on it to give it a more rustic look!